Infant-Toddler Program



The infant/toddler program is the exploration center for babies as young as six weeks old through 24 months old.  Even at 6 weeks old, infants are absorbing the environment around them and developing as they explore the world using their five senses.  Infants and toddlers continue this important sensory, cognitive and motor development, building a strong foundation for a lifetime of curiosity and understanding. Our teachers use their Montessori training to cultivate a nurturing atmosphere where all infants and toddlers reach milestones with the careful observation of teachers who know how to challenge them in a positive environment. With low ratios, we ensure that every child receives the attention they deserve.  Our infants explore texture, sound, colors, movement, foreign languages and story time.  Our toddlers continue their development with outdoor play, art, music and activities that help them develop large and small gross motor skills.  Language development and communication skills are emphasized as well.  Your child will learn through play and be in a nurturing and loving environment.  We know it is hard to leave a little one, so we treat every child as if they were our own and communicate regularly with parents with updates on their little one.  Join the family of our newest infant/toddler program!



From Megan (preschool parent) to the Sevasti Aboud, Preschool Director:

” I know I should do this more often, but in the spirit of Christmas I wanted to let you know how blessed I am to have your girls taking care of my baby in the infant/toddler room. Peyton and I adore Mary, Maria, Melody, Amanda and Stavey. Every time I come in I observe them being amazing with all the kids even when there’s a room full of them. Peyton is thriving and I know your girls have a big part to do with that. They always follow through with what I ask and even go above and beyond. We are always greeted with a sincere smile. In the evening it’s the same thing and I don’t know how they do it after a long day with the babies, but they do. So thank you for having such a wonderful positive staff.”

–  Megan

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