Beach Gathering Montessori Preschool is dedicated to offering you:

  • a solid faith-based environment
  • an awareness of the unique gifts of each child
  • trained and enthusiastic Christian teachers
  • age-appropriate Montessori program
  • enrichment activities like music, art, movement, and gardening
  • respect for all cultures and religions
  • nutritional snacks
  • regular communication between the school and parents
  • regular service projects
  • regular preschool chapel services and story-time

Program Options

Alef Room
Children in our 2 year old program experience a caring community in which we cultivate a love of learning.

Beit Room
Our classroom for 3-5 year olds nurtures creative learners and encourage children to pursue creativity and curiosity.

Infant-Toddler Room
Our infant-toddler program cultivates a nurturing atmosphere where infants and toddlers reach milestones.

Our room names are based on letters of the Hebrew alphabet: Alef and Beit

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