Attendance Options & Tuition


Below are the full-tuition rates for students at Beach Gathering Montessori Preschool. We do have a scholarship program where rates are based on income. Click here to see you qualify for some level of assistance. See additional rate and discount information below.

Attendance Options & Monthly Tuition Fees for 2016-2017

All current students will be able to pre-register in January 2016 and open enrollment starts February 1, 2016 for the community.

Beach Gathering Montessori Preschool Programs

BGMP 2016 Rates



*4 Mondays in a month- tuition is Weekly rate x 4

*5 Mondays in a month- tuition is Weekly rate x 5

– ALL TUITION IS EXPECTED WHETHER YOUR CHILD IS HERE OR NOT.  Since the infant program does not have camp, parents will confine to pay regular price during those times.  The schedule will show that during spring break we are closed Good Friday and during Christmas break.  We are closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Payment is due by the 25th of each month.  If payment is received after the 25th, an automatic $40 late fee will be added to your child’s account.

  • *Registration fee is $125 per family
  • Your first month’s payment and registration fee must be received prior to your child’s first day.
  • *$6 per hour for every additional hour upon request
  • *$5 per minute late child pick up fee
  • *Sibling Discount: 5% off for first child (older child), 10% off for second and subsequent children
  • *Military Discount: 5%

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